10 Spiritual Successors To Classic Video Games

Miss Tenchu? Play Shinobido.

Tenchu shinobido

There are bound to be so many fantastic games from your past, titles that have meant a great deal to a lot of people. Some were able to leave a lasting impression on developers that they were able to change the landscape of the medium forever, whilst others stayed cult classics.

Understandably, fans might have thought these titles would be around forever, but unfortunately, sometimes they just drop off the face of the Earth for all sorts of reasons. It's sad to think of losing any of them, especially if it's a game that's managed to reach a high level of quality, and create or reinvent a genre.

Thankfully, there are loads of fans and devotees working within the industry as well. Folk who, either through nostalgia or necessity, have been able to bring back at least the spirit/essence of the original game.

More power to them, too. If other parties are willing to just sit on a quality idea and let it go to waste, then they should exploit their negligence.

With any luck, their successes will reignite interest and prompt the actual sequels that fans have been craving all this time. If not, then at least there are still the new interpretations and iterations to enjoy.

10. Maximo Succeeds Ghosts 'n Goblins

Tenchu shinobido

Before the OG novelty boxer wearing knight made his return on the Switch there was another who tried to fill his briefs.

Maximo: Ghosts to Glory was an early release on the PS2 and ironically now in desperate need of its own successor. It was an extremely underrated 3D action platforming game that sought to recapture the humour and hard core action of Ghost 'n Goblins.

It's still a good looking game too, especially for an early release, retaining the cartoony aesthetic of the original. Characters have big, expressive eyes and exaggerated features, while the levels all have a medieval fantasy design.

Maximo's health system mirrors Arthur's; every time you get hit, you lose some more of your armour till you're left standing there in just your pants. Even by today's standards, its sword based combat and level design make it a distinct game that stands out amongst the contemporaries.

There's also a sequel, and there was supposed to be a third entry too, but that fell through. If you have the opportunity, go play it.


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