10 Strangest Collector's Editions Of Video Games

A look at some of the slightly more off-kilter special editions of games that have been available.

Deep Silver

Like some sort of gargantuan, festive Swingball, Christmas has come around once again. Among all of the socks and book vouchers we’ll no doubt receive, an old favourite for gift-givers is the collector’s edition of a video game. Perhaps it’s something you really wanted, or perhaps it’s something the chap behind the till at Game has talked your relative in to buying, but with new titles releasing left, right and centre in the run-up to Christmas, there’s always more than a few of these about.

Today, we’re going to have a look at ten of the slightly more perplexing special editions ever released, and just what made them so bizarre: from jackets and underwear, to sub-orbital space flights, to a literal house.


10. Resident Evil 6


Clothes are often already hugely overpriced, but the £899 edition of Resident Evil 6 makes even your bog standard Armani shirt look like bargain-bin fare.

The ridiculous price tag will net you a leather replica of Leon’s jacket worn in the game, four tablet cases, a whopping three DLC maps for the Mercenaries multiplayer mode, and some stickers. Yes, stickers. It’s not that it’s not a nice leather jacket, because it is actually quite a nice leather jacket, but the price they’re asking for it is the issue. If this had been a few hundred quid, I could have seen a few people buying it for a laugh, but paying nearly a grand for this is no joke.

Perhaps it would have helped somewhat if the game had actually been any good. I’m still furious about the stickers. And if you think that’s daft, the recently released special edition of Gal Gun Double Peace “Mr. Happiness” edition comes with a screen cleaner in the guise of a pair of knickers.


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