10 Strongest Non-Boss Enemies In The Super Mario Franchise

If you thought the Hammer Brothers and Lakitu were powerful, you haven't seen anything yet...

Mario T-Rex

Super Mario has some of the most iconic villains in video game history. I don't mean bosses like Bowser or... okay... it's just Bowser. But there are many enemies in the franchise that are just as well-known as the king of Koopas. Everyone remembers the first time they saw a Goomba waddling towards them.

Every player knows that satisfying feeling when they line up a row of enemies and slaughter them all in one go with a Koopa Troopas shell. Every Nintendo fan knows the frustration trying to outrun Lakitu as he chucks a slew of Spinys at them.

But there is one thing most Mario villains have in common; they're wimps. The Hammer Brothers are considered one of the most trickiest enemies in the series and yet, can be defeated with one hit.

But there are some of Bowser's goons that will not go down so easy. Some of them take more than a bonk in the head to take out. Some foes are so strong, they decimate every obstacle in their way. And there are some enemies with such incredible power, all you can do is run away from them.

Here are the ten strongest enemies in the Super Mario franchise.

10. Chargin' Chuck

Mario T-Rex

Super Mario World introduced a burly brute called Chargin' Chuck. As his name implies, he will charge at the player as soon as he spots them.

Because he's padded in football gear, Chuck is one of the very few enemies in the franchise who cannot be killed with one hit. In most games, you need to stomp him two or three times to take him out. In Super Mario 3D World, Chuck becomes faster after you jump on him the first time, making him much harder to defeat.

Chargin' Chuck was made stronger in Super Mario Odyssey since he can smash through obstacles without breaking a sweat. Not even Mario can break through walls or crush boulders... or can he? In this game, you need to throw your sentient hat, Cappy, onto certain enemies to take control of them and use their abilities to progress through the levels.

When you possess Chargin' Chuck, you can crash through walls, obliterate rocks, and destroy almost any enemy in your path. Only when you take control of Chargin' Chuck can you comprehend his might.

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