10 Stupidly Hard Video Games Clearly Made By Sadists

We're here to celebrate those games that were only completed after days of screaming, clenched teeth, and broken controls.

The video game industry has changed drastically of late. Business practices have become more and more consumer unfriendly, with companies like EA leading the charge for things like micro-transactions and DRM while games themselves are becoming cynical affairs only produced to tick boxes and make money, causing beloved licenses such as Batman to be treated with about as much respect as an elderly canine prostitute. Another big change can be seen in the difficulty of video games, with the hardest difficulties in titles like Uncharted 2 being a leisurely walk in the park compared to the normal modes from a few generations ago. As such, we're here to celebrate those games that make us grimace with pain just to think about, the titles so hard we have violent flashbacks any time someone even mentions their names, so difficult that completing them only ever happened after days of screaming, clenched teeth, and broken controls. There were only two conditions when it came to selecting our choices: they had to be hard on purpose, rather than as a result of bad game design; and they had to be challenging enough for it to have taken at least twenty hours of swearing to complete, or so distressingly difficult we never even made it to the end. So, in no particularly order, here are ten video games so difficult they must have been designed by sadists or psychopaths.

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