10 Stupidly Hard Video Games Clearly Made By Sadists

10. Megaman

Anyone who has played the original MegaMan won't be surprised to see it appear on this list, with it considered by many as one of the hardest games of all time. Released on the NES way back in 1987, MegaMan has players control the titular character - a small man in shiny blue metal armour holding a gun -that must traverse six lengthy levels battling enemies while moving forwards in the traditional platforming style. Admittedly most games were hard as a diamond in the pre-polygon era, yet MegaMan nonetheless provides a whole new level of teeth gritting difficulty. Allowing no checkpoints, the game requires players to make it through levels without a single death, which is a mean feat when you have the survival skills of a pyromaniac moth. Standard enemies are dangerous and can kill you with ease, while the platforming makes Super Mario's hardest level look like Kirby's Epic Yarn; though even if you are somehow able to reach any bosses (of which there is one in every level), it requires the skill of a veteran gamer to have just a vague chance of proceeding. No save or code input system means the game resets every time you turn it off, so the entire thing must be completed in one sitting if you want the bragging rites of completion. No sane person could have designed this game without intending players to suffer, making it thoroughly deserving of a place on our list.

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