10 Superheroes Overdue Great Video Games

Seriously... how has no one done a great Thor game yet?!


Over the years there have been many superhero games of varying quality, and every now and then a particularly good one emerges.

With superheroes at their most dominant, and the gaming industry innovating all the time, when better for these characters to step across off the page, from the big screen, and into the welcoming hands of a pop culture's most popular medium?

Some of these characters have already starred in or featured in video games, but plenty are also in need of a major update, especially when superheroes and comic books in general are so popular.

Providing heroes with their own games would grant players the experience of using a range of cool super-powers, as well as potentially providing new narrative driven superhero properties in a different format.

Additionally, with the emergence of VR technology, now may be a good time to attempt giving gamers some kind of closer approximation of what it is like to be their favourite superheroes, and experience everything fantastic in their repertoire. We've already seen as much with Marvel's Iron Man VR, and with the industry advancing all the time, it's only a matter of time before these experiences become the norm...


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