10 Terrible Moments From The Best Video Games

Airport assaults? Meaningless deaths? An arrow to the knee? We're just getting started.


Even the best video games are subject to having terrible moments.

Sometimes they can become a staple of certain franchises or developers, offering a somewhat unique - and often humorous - memory for fans everywhere.

Glitches are one example of this, as long as they are not game-breaking. Who doesn't love to see their character fall down a never-ending spiral of invisible floors until they inevitably hit the ground and die?

It's funny, and providing it doesn't result in the loss of progress, players can forgive the odd poorly developed section of a game.

But in most cases, these events can cripple the experience and utterly ruin moments altogether - especially ones intended to be moving on an emotional level.

In other instances, badly worded and repetitive dialogue can completely detract from the world-building developers have spent countless hours perfecting, only for players to become aware they are playing a game and no longer feel part of the universe.

Whether it be clunky mechanics, poorly scripted deaths or even just limitations of the platform the game was released on, nothing can remedy a truly terrible moment because the damage is already done.

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