10 Terrible Moments From The Best Video Games

10. "I Took An Arrow To The Knee" - Skyrim


Back when The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim debuted, it was one of most anticipated releases of the year. While today the remastered edition is more than playable, the original left much to be desired.

It was plagued with various bugs and glitches - though at times this added to to the game's charm.

Chief among its issues however was the repetitive dialogue NPCs would spout.

It didn't take long before the phrase "I took an arrow to the knee" appeared in every corner of the internet. While funny, this shouldn't fool you into thinking it was intended to be humorous.

One of the hallmarks of a great RPG is worldbuilding - which includes crafting unique dialogue - but when the player constantly encounters endless waves of soldiers recounting the same story, it feels forced and unnatural.

Once the illusion has been shattered it's difficult to become absorbed by the world around you and suddenly, this fantastic game no longer feels like the one you began your adventure in.

Skyrim is far from the only title to be guilty of heavily reusing dialogue, but considering Bethesda's stature and prestige, you would be forgiven for wanting more from an Elder Scrolls entry.

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