10 Terrible Moments From The Best Video Games

9. Blighttown - Dark Souls

God of War Kratos Nifleheim

Like the previous entry, the remastered copy of Dark Souls fixes many issues present in the original. This meant certain sections - such as surviving those pesky archers in Anor Londo - much more bearable.

However, anyone who played it back during the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 era will no doubt remember the single, worst experience of them all: Blighttown.

Continuous clipping and choppy frame rate drops ensured navigating the depths of Blighttown was no small feat for gamers to conquer. The limitations of the previous generation of consoles played no small part in this terrible moment, but it was still one that soured a fantastic video game.

The first trip to the dreaded area was bad enough, but if this was your first playthrough, it made the ordeal ten times worse. Without adequate planning or if the player did not know the most efficient route to completion, they would have to endure multiple trips to hell and back.

At least warping was made immediately available in the subsequent Dark Souls entries, making return trips to areas a lot easier and less stressful.

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