10 TERRIBLE PS4 Games You Won't Believe Exist

Delving into the absolute dross on the Playstation 4.

year of the black tiger

The PS4 launched in November of 2013, and since then, there have been absolutely hundreds of games released for the platform. Most of them, thankfully, are quite good!

There's been some sure-fire winners such as Final Fantasy VII Remake, Spider-Man, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 4... you get the picture. But what of the games at the other end of the spectrum; the turds in the punchbowl of Sony's Playstation Store?

We're talking games so bad, they look like they were released several console generations before the PS4. We're talking games with such terrible mechanics, they've got no business charging anybody money to play them. We're talking games that simulate a task here-to underutilised in gaming - namely, tapping jars (seriously).

If you delve deep into the Playstation Store, you'll find a collection of dross that probably shouldn't have been allowed to be published in the first place. Join us as we try and wade into this pile of festering manure masquerading as games, and find out which is truly the best of the worst.

10. Duck Dynasty: The Game

Image URL: https://i.imgur.com/bYgeHVj.png

If only there was a game that simulated the lives of the Robertson family, the crazy characters that star in Duck Dynasty!

Wait, there is? And you're telling me that you get to not only use a whistle to simulate duck calls while your friend shoots them, but I also get to visit a shooting range and shoot at bottles myself? 10/10 - GOTY.

Duck Dynasty: The Game is as bad as it sounds. Muddy, horrible textures, character models that verge on hair-raisingly terrifying and a barren, lifeless open world where you walk around doing next to nothing combine to make a truly dire experience.

At its core, Duck Dynasty tries to be a racing game, a shooter and a rhythm game, but does absolutely none of them well at all. It's also an advert for Duck Dynasty masquerading as a game, and even cheekily reminds you to buy the season 5 DVD on the title screen.

It's hard to wonder why this game ever existed in the first place. Even the most hardcore of Duck Dynasty fans probably wouldn't want anything like this in gaming form, and it's baffling how the games' publishers - Activision no less! - let this one get off the ground.

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