10 TERRIBLE PS4 Games You Won't Believe Exist

9. Alekhine's Gun

What if you took everything about the Hitman reboot, then made it terrible? You'd end up with Alekhine's Gun!

Like Hitman, Alekhine will have you dress up in costumes, sneak around and kill people in stealthy fashion. Unlike Hitman, everything about it from the AI to the actual performance of the game is complete tosh.

On paper, it sounds like it could be alright. You're in the Cold War, where you play as a KGB operative now defected to work for the CIA.

That's about all that's good I can say about it. The enemy AI is truly laughable in this one. If you wander outside or their line of sight, they'll pretty much instantly forget you've done something. If you really want to get rid of them, just close a door in their face and they'll wander off.

Your own abilities aren't much better. You can assassinate enemies, but half the time it won't work. The enemy AI won't realise this, and just stare at you.

Then there's the bugs. There's a lot of them. You can get stuck in bookshelves. Sink into the ground like quicksand. Find yourself suddenly staring at an elevator wall without a wall. Then, what game would be complete without regular complete lockups, forcing a reboot?

Thankfully there's the really engaging, static cutscenes with walls of text and no voice acting to make it better. Yeah ok, those aren't better. It's still terrible.

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