10 TERRIBLE Trailers That Gave You Awesome Video Games

When first impressions count for nothing.

spec ops the line

It has LONG been said that video games have a hype problem.

Game gets announced, promises get made, features get discussed... then flash-cut to years later and very little of that initial vision is actually present.

Now in fairness, it's a larger problem present across how video games are even marketed and conceptualised by the public. It's an issue with when to let a mass audience know something is coming - thereby potentially getting money from investors or backers - versus the reality that any game is a work in progress, all the way up to launch.

In many cases, even after launch, too.

Flip all that on its head though, and what about games that had disastrous trailers; terrible-looking feature sets or generally bland presentation, only to blow you away?

Again, a game is only as good as its final home straight *cough* Cyberpunk *splutter*, and some teams only do their finest assembly work when all the pieces are ready to be placed.

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