10 TERRIBLE Trailers That Gave You Awesome Video Games

10. Borderlands

borderlands 2009 original trailer

It is VERY easy to forget that before Borderlands was a cel-shaded blur of loot caves, memorable villains and quipping robots, it started out looking boring as hell.

Being shown to the public across 2007 and 2008, a notable first-look trailer featured a bland voiceover hinting at a mysterious "Vault" you'd be plundering, showing tiny glimpses of the game's factions in between. Awash in greys, browns and muted colours, this was releasing in the shadow of Fallout 3, and even Gearbox's own Chief Creative Officer Brian Martell, said the aesthetic and presentation felt like "a poor man's Rage".

With iD Software's total misfire doing the rounds and Gearbox noting that everything about Borderlands was anything but restrained, a last minute overhaul was put in place to completely redesign the game.

Borderlands original art director actually quit the gaming industry over this, but Borderlands now had an aesthetic to match its overall personality, and the rest was history.

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