10 TERRIBLE Trailers That Gave You Awesome Video Games

9. Killzone 2

Killzone 2
Guerrilla Games

Remember the time Sony straight-up faked footage for their new game? Passing off this CG trailer for Killzone 2 as actual gameplay?

Yeah... the PS3 era remains a notable dark spot in their ledger for reasons just like this.

Quite ridiculously, the real reason this happened came from Guerrilla Games not knowing that what they'd submitted as a "target render" to Sony - for an in-progress game, no less - would actually be featured front and centre. Understandably such a high profile lie thermonuclear detonated any goodwill around the project in the process, causing a backlash Sony had never felt before.

And yet, Killzone 2 has singlehandedly one of the coolest multiplayer modes ever seen in gaming. Combining five different multiplayer rulesets into each match, you'll rotate through capture the flag, deathmatch, killing a specific enemy player and more, on the fly, as each game unfolds.

Whilst the campaign was lavishly produced and solid enough, THIS was the hidden gem in Killzone's crown, remaining the reason to stave off the game's reputation for years after launch.

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