10 Terrible Video Game First Levels That Made Us Rage Quit

9. Peragus Mining Facility - Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Kingdom come deliverance

Though the opening tutorial section to KOTOR II isn't difficult, it is a stamina-annihilating chore that might immediately turn less-committed players off.

The game starts in the Peragus Mining Facility, and suffers the double whammy of being woefully boring from both a gameplay and aesthetic perspective.

There's not much to interactive with, the enemies and objectives are both repetitive, and on a first playthrough it can take easily over an hour to complete.

Compounding the matter is that Peragus is about as coldly bland to look at as starter areas come in video games.

While the intent was clearly to show how helpless the player was, that could've certainly been done in half the time and without such an underwhelming presentation.

In fact, Peragus is so widely-loathed among fans that a mod was even created allowing you to skip it entirely. Given that it otherwise presents a major barrier to repeat playthroughs, that's a damn godsend.


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