10 Terrible Video Game Ports NOBODY Asked For

8. Strider - Sega Master System

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Our old friends at Tiertex are at it again...

Released in Arcades in 1989, Strider is a hack and slash platformer set in a dystopian future (who doesn't love a good dystopian future?), which was met with almost universal praise.

With tight controls and satisfying combat mechanics, Strider has in recent years been credited as an inspiration behind such esteemed franchises as God of War and Devil May Cry.

The 1990 Mega Drive version, too, was widely praised and the awards which followed are testament to the quality of the port.

The Master System version though.... Oh boy.

Widely regarded as the worst version in existence, the issues with this port were many.

The most obvious problem with this port is the massive hit the graphics have taken - lower spec hardware notwithstanding - utilising as it did the Amiga assets rather than those of the Mega Drive, for example.

Worse than the presentation, however, was the performance.

Slowdown occurs frequently here, and is often triggered by something as mundane and fundamental as simply pressing the attack button.

Seriously, Tiertex...?

An absolute mess from start to finish with awful visuals, terrible sound, and a gameplay speed akin to your Granny after you've pushed her down the stairs (keep up, people).

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