10 Terrifying Characters From Non-Horror Video Games

These guys had no right being as scary as they are.


Video games have the ability to terrify all of us from time to time. Whether it's through a well choreographed level sequence, a devilishly difficult boss battle or just the intimidation oozing from their looks and powers, a great character can leave even the most experienced of players shaking in fear.

However, when such a series of scares comes way out of the blue in a game that looks and acts like a friendly, lighthearted or colourful title, it earns a special place in player's memories.

Whether it's through some pretty questionable graphic choices, or just a simple way of sneaking a playful jump to the audience from the designers, there have been a fair few characters who have popped up in certain games with the aim of leaving a sinister impression, or who were even unintentionally scary.

This article will be looking through the rich history of video gaming in a quest to trigger some seriously freaky flashbacks and memories, exploring through every single creepy level and fighting through every character that honestly had no right scaring us as much as they did...

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