10 Terrifying Video Game Monsters You Were Completely Unprepared For

To this day, what the HELL is Bloodborne's Ebrietas?!

Bloodborne Ebrietas

It should go without saying that horror games are designed to be scary. That's pretty obvious, really.

For the most part, we learn to anticipate when something big and bad is going to happen. The usual indicators, in no particular order, are: musical swells, save points and more ammunition than you'd find scattered around the place.

Sometimes, though, sometimes... games like to catch us unawares.

It can be a full-fledged boss fight, or even just a quick toe to toe to keep you on yours.

Honestly, who was expecting an insect-hosting matriarch or a spider-monkey Samara-like encounter out of the blue? Or to fight a towering, genetically engineered super being in the smallest confines ever?

There are also times when it's not a predetermined boss fight but the tonal shift that makes these following examples more unnerving. Whilst the game may have a foreboding overtone, there's still something to be said about something catching us completely off guard. Well, I guess that's what makes them scary, right?

So gather up something to hide behind, rally your nerves and stop looking in dark corners, as we look at some downright creepy monsters that really caught us at the worst of times.

Note: Mild spoilers ahead.

10. Alien Isolation - The Hive Gets Loose

Bloodborne Ebrietas

I've said many a time about how good Alien: Isolation is, and I stand by it. But instead of prattling on about the creepy Working Joe androids or the threat of one alien, I'm going broader.

When you're about ten or so chapters in to this game, you should (well, hopefully) be accustomed to how this game works. Even better, you've just ejected the Xenomorph into space. What should you have to worry about now?

Oh, I don't know, maybe the hundreds of other aliens that have set up base in Sevastopol station?

Which explains why the androids are keeping you at bay due to Seegson trying to sell the station to Weyland-Yutani, at the cost of human expenditure.

It also cost me years off of my lifespan, as the stakes went from one alien and some pale-faced emotionless murderbots to lots of aliens. Oh, and facehuggers. Can't forget them!

Considering the game had been pitched as a one on one, Creative Assembly and SEGA did well to hide this later-game revelation.

In space, no one can hear me swear in frustration.

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