10 Things Fans Will Love (And Hate) About Mass Effect Andromeda

It is the blurst of times.

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As you're probably already aware, Bioware's latest foray into the Mass Effect franchise - that took five years and over 40 million dollars to put together - has resulted in one of the most divisive games of the year, possibly of the generation. I'm not talking No Man's Sky-levels of out-and-out hate, more pointing and laughing at the state of the facial animations, feeling immense sorrow that this is what Mass Effect 'is' right now, then looking past that to find some immensely satisfying positives.

Because make no mistake, Mass Effect Andromeda is NOT the all-singing, all-dancing answer to our prayers. It is not an essential instalment in one of the richest sci-fi narrative tapestries in gaming history, and it is not going to please more than the most hardcore of fans in the process - in fact, those are the ones most at risk from flicking a middle finger and walking away entirely.

Behind the scenes, it's important to note that the team heading up Andromeda are a sub-division of Bioware. Formerly head of the multiplayer section of Mass Effect 3, this is the first time they've ever stepped up to bat for a full release.

The final product is ambitious, but it's also mired by a noticeable lack of polish; one that like Fallout and Bethesda's half-cocked approach to quality control, might endear it all the more, providing you're strapped in for such a bumpy ride.

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