10 Things Fans Will Love (And Hate) About Mass Effect Andromeda

10. Hate: How Limited The New Conversation System Is

Mass Effect Andromeda

It was under the proviso that sticking with the original trilogy's Paragon and Renegade choices were too 'binary', that we now have a four-way emotion-based system; one predicated on being Emotional, Logical, Casual or Professional.

Thing is, 99% of the exchanges you have are still based in binary options. You're either forever casual or forever professional. Starlord or Captain Picard, no middle ground.

At rare key points in specific missions you'll be given all four options, but the issue with this more granular system is the big overarching plot points always charge ahead anyway. In giving us more 'emotional choice' in the moment, it removes the clearly distinguished repercussions of the former system, alongside the longterm ramifications of 'playing Paragon' or 'playing Renegade'.

This sort of thing could've worked a treat, but thanks to the conversation options you're given being so limiting, it really ruins that unique sense of intergalactic player agency necessary for Mass Effect to function best.

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