10 Things Fans Will Love (And Hate) About Mass Effect Andromeda

9. Love: Solving Interspecies Race Disputes

The Pathfinder Team - Mass Effect Andromeda

Whilst the majority of your conversation options and Ryder's dialogue itself can feel very flat or bare-bones, the actual scenarios you're taking part in do have merit.

Carrying on from the original trilogy's positioning as Shepard (now Ryder) being a figure of galactic justice (the all-new 'Pathfinder' designation is pretty much SPECTRE status), you're free to meddle in everything from falsely-accused murder suspects to scanning artefacts for research projects, being interviewed for documentaries and anything in between.

Nailing down the tone and 'feel' of what makes Mass Effect so special comes from delving into this rich lore, empathising with a Krogan over how they're treated one minute, before realising their inherently violent tendencies might have caused friction in the first place. Whilst Andromeda strips down the sheer amount of races present - there are no Elcor or Hanar here - you can tell the writers have had a field day taking the racial staples we know so well, before mashing them together for what feels like an endless amount of side-quests and opportunities.

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