10 Things NOBODY Wants To Admit About Battle Royale

9. Minecraft Did It First


When it comes to video games, everyone seems to forget one the originals of the genre. Back in the distant past that was 2012, hit film The Hunger Games smashed its way onto the screen and into the collective subconscious of pre-teens everywhere. Obviously the only way to capitalize on this audience was to create hundreds of Minecraft servers that all followed in the film's footsteps.

To this day, Minecraft: The Hunger Games stands apart from its more recent kin in a couple of unique ways. For one there is no "drop" - every player (or Tributes as they call themselves) begins the game stood around a chest filled with supplies and gear, while a timer ticks down.

Once it hits zero absolute chaos ensues. It's a mad dash to grab as much as you can and get out of Dodge before some mad woman with a bow snipes you from the other side of the map. After that it's your typical Battle Royale affair: kill, loot, repeat until you're the last person standing.

Amazingly, this mode faded into obscurity over the years and almost nobody talks about how it came before the current market. Maybe it's time to ditch the smooth edges of Fortnite and go back to the OG block builder, at least until Lego World: Hunger Royale is released.

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