10 Things NOBODY Wants To Admit About Battle Royale

8. It's One Big Twitch Machine


Twitch has effectively become the place to be if you're an online game. At the time of writing there are two Battle Royale titles in the top 5 most watched games on Twitch, with Fortnite almost exclusively holding the top spot.

The genre almost begs to be spectated and enjoyed beyond playing, to the point it has even spawned its own pseudo-celebrities with the likes of Ninja being a household name amongst younger gamers. This once again ties into how the genre belongs as an e-sport - players and spectators can get behind the teams or individuals that inspire them via gameplay.

But no matter how you look at it Twitch is the monopoly holder for this market and as such The Battle Royale basically advertises the platform, just without any official support beyond a few cosmetics and Twitch integration services.

The action can be watched on other streaming services like YouTube, but there's nothing quite like live spectatorship with thousands of other viewers all spamming the same three emotes over and over again, just like any other live event.

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