10 Things Nobody Wants To Admit About PlayStation

Let's just stop being fanboys for a second...


From the very first time you booted that little grey box, you knew PlayStation was something special - but it's safe to say there have always been a handful of problems that weigh in against the positives.

Notable examples throughout the history of Sony's baby include the PS2's irritating DVD menu, or the PS3's all-too-frequent hard drive corruption, to name but two.

Now we arrive at the PS4 Pro, Sony's answer to Microsoft's Xbox One S/Project Scorpio, and yet again there are issues that can't be overlooked. It's almost like Sony deliberately make their consoles with inbuilt problems to encourage us to buy their latest offerings...

Conspiracy aside, here's 10 things about PlayStation nobody wants to admit.


10. "Ready To Play"? Nope, Just Another Hidden Installation Bar

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Multiplayer

While this is true of the Xbox One, the PS4's loading times are beyond the realms of acceptability.

In theory, it was a great idea to install games and remove in-game loading screens, but the reality is something quite different. Instead, we're setting an install off, patiently waiting for the screen to confirm installation complete, and then we find there's another in-game load that's still ongoing, so back to the dashboard we go...

'Ready to Play' should mean, without any shadow of a doubt, a game is ready to play, but the PS4 continues to lie to us over and over again. The PS4 has never been the fastest loading machine throughout its lifespan, but it was FAR simpler when games were loaded directly from discs, instead of going through the install rigmarole every time you invest your hard-earned cash into a new title.


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