10 Things Nobody Wants To Admit About The Batman: Arkham Series

10. Arkham Origins Is Just As Good As The Main Trilogy

Batman arkham origins
Warner Bros.

Arkham Origins had the cards stacked against it from the very beginning. Conceptualised as a stopgap release so Rocksteady could take more time to work on Arkham Knight, WB Montreal were brought in to work on a spin-off that would chronicle a younger Batman still somewhat finding his feet.

Despite not having the same voice cast, reusing assets from previous titles and not introducing any game-changing mechanics, Origins was still a worthy successor to City. Its story of Batman's second year on the scene was pretty damn enjoyable, shining a light on villains in his rogues gallery that are often ignored, as well as covering his first interactions with the Joker, among other iconic lifelong enemies.

Of course, because it was viewed as a disposable release to tide players over for the "proper" sequel, a lot of fans either gave the game a miss entirely or were ready to hate it before giving it a fair chance. It's not the best entry in the franchise, but it's criminal that Origins is so often pushed to the side, and wasn't even included in the most recent next-gen remastered collection.


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