10 Things Nobody Wants To Admit About The Batman: Arkham Series

8. Character Designs Are Sort Of Lame

Batman arkham asylum poison ivy

For as beautiful as all the games in the series are in terms of graphics and world-design, the character designs of heroes, villains and even civilians have a always been a little one-note - and occasionally, a bit cringey. All of the men are massive meatheads with shoulders broader than the Batwing, while the majority of the female villains are overly-sexualised models.

You could argue that it's in-tune with the OTT designs in the comics, but there's just not enough variety, and it comes across a bit like someone let Rob Liefeld in to do all the character art. Hell, even Commissioner Gordon is presented as an Arnie-esque body-builder type (especially in Asylum). His moustache alone has more muscles than most gym-goers.

It's not a huge deal, but considering just how imaginative the world design is in these games, it was always a shame to see character models limited to essentially two basic types.


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