10 Things Only GTA V Fans Understand

A Galaxy Super Yacht costs six million dollars and it does ab-so-lute-ly nothing.


Grand Theft Auto is arguably the king of open-world games, challenged only by the likes of its sister series Red Dead Redemption and other classic franchises like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. And, as any popular series with many iterations does, it has developed many of its own systems, axioms and idiosyncrasies over the years that can make loyal fans smile as much as puff out their cheeks in frustration.

Dark Souls will have you scolding yourself when you get caught out by a mimic or cause you to reminisce about the epic battles of PvP fight clubs, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate will make you explode with expletives when you’re roller’d by Inkling for the thirteenth time, and the original Gears of War online was a battlefield full of two-piecers and host-advantage shotguns.

GTA has established itself as one of the premiere gaming titles, with each entry having its own character and distinctions without sacrificing the core game philosophy that lies at its heart and really capturing the authenticity of its time period and environment.

As a result, GTA V also bathes in this fountain of unique traits, formulating its own catalogue of quirks that make it what it is.

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