10 Things Pro Evolution Soccer Needs To Change To Compete With FIFA Again

How Pro Evo can reclaim the crown from FIFA on next gen consoles...


As the gaming world looks ahead to the next generation of consoles on the near horizon, can Pro Evolution Soccer topple its arch rival and regain its crown as the king of football games. It is over a decade since PES was the undisputed champion in the genre way back on PlayStation 2 when the series peaked with PES5 and PES6.

However, since it has faced an uphill battle to regain its fans against the juggernaut that is EA’s FIFA. For many years now it hasn’t even been close, FIFA has continued to bring more to the table year on year whilst Pro Evolution has been stuck treading water rather than catching up. However, the last couple of games in the PES series have had glimmers of their former glory.

Despite this, even for die-hard fans there have been problems in particular with the latest game eFootballPES2020. The main features of a brilliant series are there, but what needs to change in their next title to challenge FIFA as we move into the next generation of football games.


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