10 Things That Make Playing The Sims So Fiendishly Enjoyable

9. Pets

Sim City Dogs The addition of animals to the Sims was a welcome development that transpired with The Sims 2 franchise. Most people have pets, even if they are merely goldfish, and the ability to care for a computer based dog or cat can be great fun. In The Sims 3 Pet expansion pack, you can even tame a wild horse. Pets in The Sims have their own personalities and you can parade them round town, showing off your moggy or pooch. In the Sims Free Play for the iPad, I have a Siamese cat and an Alsatian. Thankfully they don't require a lot of care unlike other versions of The Sims. They dig for Simoleons and keep to themselves. I didn't like The Sims 2: Pets for the PS2, but that was because it was a poorly designed game, but not because of the animals.
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