10 Things Video Games REALLY Didn't Want You To See

9. Brainiac Spoils Future DLC - Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Spider Man 2
Rocksteady & Reddit: /u/ZeronityPlays

Because Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's launch hasn't been enough of an easily foreseen calamity, the game itself even hilariously decided to spoil some future DLC for players.

Mere days after launch, players began reporting that during the climactic boss fight against Brainiac, there was a chance the supervillain would drop the line, "I didn't expect you to be the weak link in this chain, Freeze."

If you can manage to make sense of the game's ludicrously cluttered UI, you can confirm that Brainiac did indeed say "Freeze" in the game's subtitles, yet given that Mr. Freeze is categorically not in the game at launch, this is 100% a screw-up on Rocksteady's part.

While a content roadmap released prior to the game suggested that Freeze would be showing up at some point, he clearly wasn't supposed to be explicitly namedropped at this point, confirming beyond any doubt that he will indeed be playable in a future DLC drop. Oops.

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