10 Time Murphy's Law Invaded Your Video Game

If it can go wrong, it will go wrong.


"If it can go wrong, it will go wrong."

Thus spoke Murphy, although the saying is almost certainly as old as humanity itself. Weddings will be rained out. Power failures will ruin deadlines. You will pour salt in your coffee instead of sugar.

Gamers are not immune.

Even considering everything that can go wrong with software glitches, hardware faults and worn mechanical peripherals, games, with their myriad interlaced mechanics, are bound to serve up regular doses of bizarre control responses, uncooperative AI, or just plain bad luck.

Luckily, the worst that will happen will be a few hours of lost progress, a temporary rage-quit or uninstall, and an annoyed reload or reinstall (or in the worst case, a stint of anger management, should grievous bodily injury be done to your controller).

Whichever way, with only the Law of Entropy being more annoying and inevitable (other than trolls) there is little to do but have a laugh and soldier on.

Or review-bomb Steam and Metacritic, whatever floats your boat.

So, here follows a light-hearted look back at all the times Murphy, or Finagle, or Sod, let themselves in the house and gave you a bit of grief.


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