10 Times Creators Sneakily Inserted Themselves Into Video Games

9. Hideki Kamiya - The Wonderful 101

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Platinum Games

The Platinum Games' Wonderful 101 is an action-adventure game in which the player collects a large cast of superheroes to protect the Earth from an alien invasion. Some of the hero designs in the game are based on real-life professions, such as university professors, painters, chefs, and more importantly, game directors.

Hideki Kamiya, the director behind the Wonderful 101, makes a sneaky in-game cameo as a special unlockable hero called "Wonder-Director."

Now, this might sound like some weird power fantasy scenario, but the reality is anything but. The in-game Hideki Kamiya is probably one of the weakest characters in your roster. He's slow, he's a terrible partner for 'unite morphing' (a special power in the game that allows the player to combine heroes together), and to top it all off, he can't even survive a single enemy attack.

The cameo is clearly a self-aware joke that Kamiya left in the game as a reward for those patient players who bothered to spend the time unlocking him.

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