10 Times Developers Abused Players To Make Better Video Games

Okay, we see what you were doing... but did you have to be such a dick about it?

Hard Games
Ubisoft/Team Ninja

For as much as gaming has grown, flexed and established itself as a mainstream entertainment artform, there's always a hint of real dedication required to get the most out of any final product.

You can mainline the story and get your fill; hoover up a load of crafting components and build some uber-fun weapon that decimates scores of enemies in one go. Hell, you can even pay your way through the vast majority of games with microtransactions... but you won't be getting the full experience.

No, if you want to be "into" gaming you'll have to put the time in. Hone your hand-eye coordination, learn how to improvise within a given mechanical framework - all round, you'll have to take up video games as more a regular hobby than a casual experience like filmgoing.

The following developers created titles for that exact demographic. The people who'll put up with trial and error mentalities, awkward checkpoint placement and brutal changes in difficulty, all in service of moulding you into a better player on the other side.

The results are some of the best games you'll ever play - providing you can overcome the challenge.

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