10 Times Developers Abused Players To Make Better Video Games

10. Bloodborne's Opening Slog

Bloodborne First Level

What They Did: For all those who didn't know what to expect from those behind Dark Souls, Bloodborne opens with a ridiculously arduous stretch of nothing but overwhelming odds, non-stop enemies and a boss battle for good measure.

You've got to do the whole thing on one checkpoint (unless you actively seek out an additional save point, off the beaten path - another essential tactic for the game), finally coming up for air if you make it through.

Why You Had To Endure It: Surviving this opening does one thing and one thing only: Making you realise with the utmost sobriety, whether you're dedicated to Bloodborne for the long haul.

If you'd just thought to "check out what everyone's talking about" or "give it a go", FromSoftware pull a Gandalf, slamming a great big roadblock in the way, screaming "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" unless you put the time into perfecting the basics.

On the other side of this you'll be dodging like a pro, having developed the preternatural ability to read enemy attack animations before they've started in full. You'll be steeled against the game's almost comical level of trial and error, and ready to dig into the minutiae of combat from here on in.

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