10 Times Music Made A Video Game INCREDIBLE

Sometimes the perfect song can lift a moment over the edge of greatness.


The argument for video games as art has always been incredibly strong, and just like film and television, video games often use music to ramp up an emotional connection. These ten games aren’t just examples of get tracks or scores, but times when they were used with impeccable timing to boost a great moment up to another level.

Not necessarily the best songs in gaming (though some are phenomenal), these represent the most timely tracks. More so than film or television, gaming can be a visceral, compelling experience, so when a piece of music pulls you in, it really grabs you and refuses to let go.

Not that all of these are solemn, melancholy moments. Many are, but others take the silliness, enjoyment and free flowing fun of games to a whole other level with a perfectly timed jam.

Either way, these are soundtracks which will live on for a long time, and have been permanently etched into the memories of anyone who has played through them.

With so many amazing uses of music in games, this list could easily have been fifty, or even a hundred entries long.

For now, consider this lot the cream of the crop.


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