10 Times Nintendo Games Were Not Family Friendly

9. Doom 64 (Nintendo 64)

Conker's Bad Fur Day
iD Software

If you need a game on your console to appeal to adult gamers, you needn’t look further than Doom. The legendary first person shooter had an entirely new entry created for the Nintendo 64, taking advantage of the console’s extra oomph compared to its contemporaries to create a litany of new fully-3D maps, and redesigning the enemies to make them scarier than ever before.

Gone were the hard-rock inspired tunes from the original PC entries, replaced by a slow, ambient soundtrack designed to increase the levels of tension and fear as the nameless space marine slaughtered his way through a fresh horde of demons. One thing that was not changed, however, was the sheer fun of the classic Doom gameplay.

Having iD Software take one of the most celebrated (and controversial) video game series of all time and make a new entry exclusive to their 64-bit machine showed that Nintendo were serious about attracting an older crowd.

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