10 Times Players Broke MMORPGs

9. Shard Of The Herald - Asheron’s Call

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Something that Asheron’s Call did that its fans loved was the way it told and evolved its lore, which for a while came as a part of monthly updates of new content. Not just bug fixes, but the next chapter of the story.

One such world event was the September 2000 instalment, which introduced Asheron’s Call’s players to the soul crystals. Whilst it was foretold that destroying them could unleash a great evil, players saw the opportunity to further the plot and in every server they banded together to smash the Shard of the Herald. Every server except Thistledown.

A group of powerful and passionate players not only physically defended the shard from attack all hours day and night but would also make sacrifices to the crystal, levelling it so it would be harder to destroy. Whilst other servers had finished the task, all eyes were on Thistledown and how things had gone so differently.

With Asheron's Call's story now at a standstill because of the stubbornness of these players, developers sent waves of enemies to no avail. Eventually they had to mod a monarch (essentially the game's guild masters) to be powerful enough to put an end to everything.

As a token of respect to what they achieved, a monument to these players now lies on the Thistledown server.


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