10 Times Video Games Embraced Their Glitches

It's not a bug! It's a feature!


We all make mistakes from time to time. Sometimes we misplace our keys or forget our wallets, other times we leave a bug in our video games, allowing players to exploit it, climb under the map and slaughter unsuspecting players. But, as the saying goes, it’s not about how poorly you made your video game, it’s about how you deal with it afterwards.

Glitches are notoriously frustrating and leave some games downright unplayable. Take the recent release, WWE 2K20, which saw a buggy referee that would crouch disturbingly close to wrestlers, and had everyone in the ring walking like a demonic duck due to glitchy deformed legs. These problems are just a few examples that rendered WWE 2K20 a (hilarious) disaster, and subsequently led 2K to refund players who had purchased the game.

An in-game glitch doesn’t have to lead to public apologies and developers shelling out thousands in refunds, though. In this list, we’re looking at devs who embraced the game's imperfections, made light of problematic features and used them to improve the game and the overall experience for the fans. Once you’ve browsed our list of bugs, be sure to leave your own experience with glitches, bugs and exploits and let us know if you feel that something else deserved to make the list.

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