10 Times Video Games Freaked Us Out With Fake Glitches And Cheeky Tricks

9. Metal Gear Solid 3 - The Sorrow

No list of cheeky tricks and fake glitches would be complete without the Metal Gear Solid series. All of these games have famously featured some very unexpected surprises, and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, was no exception.

The boss battles in the game were all exceptionally memorable, with several unique strategies to defeat each foe, but the battle with The Sorrow really stands out. Players were initially perplexed at how to defeat this boss, as he's totally impervious to any kind of gunfire or physical attack. No matter what you did, it seemed like death was inevitable.

Incredibly, that was the trick all along! The Sorrow is already dead, after all, so it turns out that you just need to let Snake die to proceed. The game tricked us by showing the Game Over screen, but instead of pressing 'Continue' and starting all over again, you can actually still access your item menu and use a revival pill to get back into the game. It was a really neat trick and took plenty of players more than a few tries to figure it all out.


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