10 Times Video Games Knew What You Were Thinking (And Rewarded It)

9. Using Life On Undead - Final Fantasy II

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Square Enix

One of the longest-running gags in the Final Fantasy series is using healing moves on undead in order to damage them, but it was actually the second game in the series that got that ball rolling.

In the first game, zombies were just another enemy, to be taken down like all the rest, but Final Fantasy II was when Square started wondering the same thing a lot of fantasy nerds wonder at some point when the undead are introduced: What would happen if you used a healing spell on a zombie?

Well in the Final Fantasy universe, whether they be spells or potions or tents, the zombies take massive amounts of damage, usually falling over at the first toss of a potion. Meanwhile, the revive spell, Life, is typically an instant kill for any undead monster or boss in the game.

It's always fun to see an RPG reward little intrusive thoughts like this, a theme you will find prevalent throughout this list.


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