10 Times Video Games Made You Feel Bad (For No Good Reason)

9. Not Playing The Game For A While - Animal Crossing

Grand Theft Auto IV Darko

Animal Crossing is a series that you get the most out of by playing a little every day - or a lot every day, depending on how much time you have and how much sleep you as a human needs.

It's important that Animal Crossing establishes this, as playing the game once or twice really doesn't give you the same rewarding feeling as really getting into it.

There's a pretty good chance that the way the game conveys this has likely put players off continuing with it, though, as the it often seemingly tries to guilt trip you for not playing it every day.

Because, as much as a little daily Animal Crossing is good for the soul, not everyone will want to play it every day - or even be able to. So having it passively-aggressively tell you about how long you've not played it for and how much that's terrible and life couldn't go on without you kind of sucks, to say the least.

Animal Crossing is supposed to be a series that relaxes you, not one that leaves you setting a reminder on your phone to pop into the village so they don't sulk when you next properly play.


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