10 Times Video Games WASTED Big Actors

10. Dennis Haysbert - Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Lambert
Fox / Ubisoft

The missions Sam Fisher embarked on wouldn’t have been the same without the voices in his ear.

Like Micheal Ironside who played the titular character, they added some much-needed weight to each mission - with Don Jordan being vital as Lambert. Jordan seemed to like only voice imaginable that could command a character portrayed by Ironside.

Then with the sequel, this was all thrown in the bin thanks to some people at Ubisoft wanting there to be more star power in the franchise. And with 24 being that biggest show of its time, they turned their attention to Dennis Haysbert.

Not only was this lazy, but Haysbert just couldn’t fill the shoes that Jordan’s Lambert once wore. Whilst excellent in 24, Haysbert’s performance was lacklustre in Pandora Tomorrow with none of his delivery ever having any real kick to it. And thankfully with all the following titles, Don Jordan reprised the role.


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