10 Times YOU Made A Video Game Harder

How clever.

Metal Gear Solid V

It's fair to say that games are generally far easier and more accessible nowadays than they were in decades past, and that's mostly not a bad thing.

And while the popularity of Dark Souls alone suggests that there's a massive audience for hard-as-nails video games, sometimes players might not realise quite what they've set themselves up for.

These 10 games all allowed players to get massively in over their heads, because a difficulty-altering mechanic was sneakily hidden beneath the hood without most players either noticing it or bothering to take it seriously.

By stubbornly sticking to their traditional playstyles, players made these games decidedly more challenging for themselves than they needed to, perhaps by trying to cut through the critical path as fast as possible, attempting to grind their way to an easy finish, or even calling upon a friend for help.

But quite ingeniously, these games all had answers for players looking to employ these strategies, forcing them in turn to change-up their tactics and try something else, or risk having a very bad time...


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