10 Tiny Video Game Decisions With HUGE Consequences

9. Resident Evil - Jill Doesn't Give Barry His Gun Back

Bioshock Little Sister

Jill Valentine and Barry Burton (who brought fans the legendary Jill sandwich moment, pictured here)meet again just prior to the battle against the unfortunate Lisa Trevor.

Wesker's chicanery is revealed (at least, some of it), as we learn that he manipulated Barry into betraying Jill by threatening his family. In the tense stand-off in that underground lair, the player is given two options: give Barry back his gun, or don't.

This might seem like a simple decision (the Colt Python/Barry's 44 Magnum is a very powerful gun, after all), but keeping it renders Barry unable to defend himself against Lisa. In the Resident Evil remake, he is immediately knocked from the precarious platform to his death.

The photograph of his family that he drops as he falls is heart-wrenching enough, but what of the implications for the rest of the series?

Barry wouldn't have been there to rescue his daughter Moira Burton in Resident Evil Revelations 2, for one thing. All because the player wanted this mighty magnum for themselves.

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