10 Tiny Video Game Decisions With HUGE Consequences

8. Bioshock - Harvesting Little Sisters

Bioshock Little Sister

The wealthy Andrew Ryan founded the city of Rapture as a sort of utopia for society's best and brightest, where the people became corrupted by ADAM. A substance acquired from ocean creatures, this is the source of Plasmids (the special powers you can collect and command in-game).

To acquire ADAM, the player must subdue the iconic Big Daddies and take it from the Little Sisters they're protecting. The choice to Harvest or Rescue can be a tough one, as the former gives more precious ADAM but the Little Sister won't survive the process.

With Atlas convincing the player that Little Sisters aren't human any more and that doing so is necessary for survival, it's tempting to Harvest them, but the consequences are surprisingly severe.

If more than the 'tutorial' Little Sister are harvested, the player is on course for the bad ending, in which Jack turns on them and Splicers take control of a US Navy submarine equipped with nuclear weapons.

The implications for the world are devastating, and all because the player wanted more resources to spend on upgrades.

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