10 Tiny Video Game Details You DON'T Want To See

9. Final Fantasy IX - Vivi’s Grandfather Was Going To Do What?

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Square Enix

Final Fantasy IX is, on the surface, rather a whimsical and charming game. It has a cartoonish, storybook aesthetic, and a very colorful cast of characters. At the same time, though, it tackles some dark themes of existential crises, megalomaniacal tyrants and the nature of what it means to be human.

Fans may not have noticed one of the more hidden creepy moments in this classic title. In Quan’s Dwelling, a hidden cave located in the forest near Treno, Quan has written something very incriminating on the wall. Measuring Vivi’s height, he writes, “six weeks since I adopted Vivi. Still too small to eat.”

Later, Vivi comments that his grandfather, the Qu who adopted him, often expressed concern about how he was growing. Now we know why. It’s a tiny detail, but it’s quite a dark and jarring one.


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