10 Totally Broken Parts Of Video Games We Somehow Put Up With

Four years to fix a game must be a World Record, right?

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When you think about it, this generation's overall quality control has been... severely lacking.

More than any past console cycle, the eighth generation literally started with bugs, visual glitches and a bevy of problems right out the gate.

Things like Watch Dogs being a letdown or The Order 1886 being a glorified cutscene may seem like a distant memory now we've had The Witcher 3, Breath of the Wild and God of War, but video games creaking under the visions of their developers was commonplace from day one.

Hell, it's the reason we got "half-step" systems like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X - systems released "with developers in mind", to finally allow for final products that weren't falling apart at the seams.

Still, even with greater horsepower available, scores of publishers or money-hungry devs kick projects out the door, knowing patches or touch-ups will make them playable somewhere down the line.

Technical inefficiency is just one of the MANY ways video games can be genuinely broken or unfinished though, and from design goals to miscommunication, sometimes it all just falls apart.

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