10 Totally Broken Parts Of Video Games We Somehow Put Up With

10. A Boss Fight Against... Time?! - Quantum Break

quantum break

What's the weirdest boss battle? Fighting a moon in Dead Space 3? Cobweb crotch grandma from Resident Evil 7? A chainsaw-wielding baby from Catherine?

How about light itself?

Well, light and... time.

Yup, the plot of Quantum Break involves time itself coming to a halt, and the ensuing apocalypse of darkness and demons that involves. Evildoer Paul Serene - played by Littlefinger himself Aiden Gillen - manages to weaponise this version of time, now turning into force pushes and physics manipulation, and sets about trying to attack you with it.

Look, to be honest, none of the "time powers" made any sense in Quantum Break, and come the final fight when Jack Joyce and Serene have a "time fight", it was a big mess.

However, all that is conceptual. The real problem came with time being visualised as an encroaching light source.

Serene would power up, and if you were standing in just the wrong spot... that was it. Instant game over.

No feedback, no idea of where you went wrong. Just the realisation that a combination of light and... time, has killed you.


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