10 Tough-As-Nails Strategy Game Missions That Made You Wave The White Flag

From Starcraft 2 to XCOM, prepare to be humbled.

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Outside of puzzle games, strategy titles have always represented the gold standard when it comes to twisting your brain. Not only do you have to unpack a fiendishly difficult combination of interlocking unit types and specialities, build orders, and nuanced terrain, but it is a riddle that constantly evolves as you attempt to solve it, sucking you into an ever escalating grudge match of counter stacked atop counter until you’re sitting with something even Derren Brown couldn’t unravel.

And that’s on a good day. On a bad day, you will be confronted by a puzzle so uncompromising, so unrelentingly evil, that at best it will leave you with a splitting headache, and at worst, with a broken keyboard, or sat at the kitchen table scoffing more ice-cream than you really should.

These are the missions that despise you, that are there to shatter your belief that you’re the very best general gaming has to offer and send you howling back to boot camp with your tail firmly between your legs.

(Note: everything is easy once you know how and so the article is written from the perspective of a new player. No cheese strategies or exploits allowed!)

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