10 Truly Disturbing Fates Hidden In Video Games

Everyone remembers their first Harvest Moon massacre.

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While the majority of video games have their most disturbing deaths front and centre for your viewing pleasure, it's often not a smart idea to do this. Not only do less adult-targeted franchises not want to totally alienate their audience, but also sometimes a brutal demise is more suited to being offscreen.

And although they're all fates that are in retrospect transparent, it's surprisingly easy to pass a lot of them by, because they're not at the forefront of your adventures. Be they an optional side part of the game you can miss, or just an implication that isn't outright said, often when games leave it to us to work something out we're so excited to keep the ball moving we totally miss it.

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as having a realisation about a game weeks down the line - or even during a replay - is a wild experience to say the least.

After all, if a game features a terrible fate as a main plot point, then that's not all that surprise. If, however, you discover that your favourite childhood game actually let you poison everyone in a brutal mass murder... well, that's a bit more of a surprise, to say the least.

10. Annalise - Bloodborne

Fallout New Vegas thumb

To be fair, there are very few fates in Bloodborne that don't equal a very bad time. Arguably the best thing you can hope for is death - or, if you're the player character, maybe becoming an Elder God wouldn't be too bad.

Either choice is better than the cruel fate of Annalise, the Queen of the Vilebloods. Annalise seemingly cannot die, as the remains of her - the Queenly Flesh - is either still alive, or otherwise merely able to be used to revive her at the Altar of Despair.

So there are two options here; one, that Annalise cannot die, and is alive as a chunk of flesh after being "killed", or that she can die, and is merely being repeatedly brought back to life in order to continue the survival of the Vilebloods.

Oh, and did we mention that when she is alive, she exists in a far away room behind a hidden door where she's presumably now existed, sat still, for eons. It's not exactly a luxurious existence, in short. But you can propose to her, so maybe that's a silver lining.

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