10 Truly Disturbing Fates Hidden In Video Games

9. The Stone Workers - Skyrim

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As the DLC of Skyrim hasn't been as universally played as the core game itself, it's easy for many to miss one of the most unsettling implications in the game itself.

Because, when you reach Solstheim, home of the Dragonborn DLC, you start to notice things are very, very off. This is best seen not. in any of the unnerving Dragon Priests you might, but rather in the huge building sites scattered around the map.

In these sites, workers toil relentlessly at building shrines for the Maker-Stones, having been brainwashed by the villain Miraak into working constantly and without rest.

When you touch the shrine (before you eventually cleanse it), you too will enter this trancelike state, with the screen going to black and then bringing you back some hours later, still working on the site.

Though you (hopefully) do eventually rescue these poor souls, it's a little disconcerting to think that, for anyone who doesn't do this DLC, these people are presumably condemned to work to their deaths or for potentially otherwise years until they're finished working.

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